Actnet Advanced Technology

Actnet understands that you can’t always find the system you need in a pre-packaged box. For home use, we can build any system that ranges from a simple internet PC to an intense gaming machine. For office use, we can build all the dependable workstations you need while architecting, installing, and maintaining a corporate network that is optimal for your business. Whether it’s the computer, the network, or the servers that connect them all, we can provide a tailored solution for your situation.

Actnet strives to differentiate our service from the typical build-to-order site by providing professional consultation as part of each request. Our goal is to deliver the perfect solution for your needs at an affordable price.

Actnet can build the machine of your dreams or just the machine you need. Leveraging our large selection of top quality components, we can customize any part of your computer including a more personalized look and feel. If we don’t have the parts in stock, we can order items to fulfill any request. For our computer savvy customers, we’ll build according to your specifications. For those customers who aren’t as savvy, we’ll use our years of experience to build the best machine to fit your circumstances.

The standard turnaround time for building a custom computer is three to five business days. If you have an emergency, we can turn around repairs the same day if we have the necessary components in stock. A variety of pre-built systems are also in stock for pick up in our store or to have delivered to your home or office.

We can install and repair any operating system including all versions of Windows. Newly built machines do not have to come equipped with Vista as we can install any of the previous Windows versions.

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+ Frequently Requested Custom Systems
Budget personal computers
Office workstations
High powered graphic and gaming machines
All-in-one LCD computers
Point of sale computers
Custom laptops
Noise reduced, quiet computers
Servers are the life blood of every business as they perform critical functions like enabling internet access, sending and receiving email, hosting applications, and for some companies, allowing business to be completed online. Because of the importance of servers, reliability and durability are essential. With years of experience, our talented technicians build reliable servers with an affordable price tag.

The standard turnaround to build a custom server is five to ten business days. We build mid to full size towers and rack mount servers of all sizes – 1U, 2U, 4U, etc. If you have an emergency, we will respond ASAP to get you up and running. Turnaround for emergency repairs may depend on what parts are in currently in stock.

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+ Servers and Operating Systems Supported
File servers
Application servers
Imaging and fax servers
Web servers
Email servers
Exchange servers
Windows 200x servers
Windows XP servers
Windows NT servers
Novel servers
Linux servers
Mac servers
Upgrade Services – keeping up with new software and the demands put on the performance of our computers by our work and ever evolving web technology is not easy. Without upgrades, we may find it difficult to receive email, open documents, view content on the web, run graphic intense applications, remain safe from security holes, and maintain an adequate level of performance. A software or hardware upgrade is often the answer to the frustrating ‘work-around’ you use everyday and those troublesome performance problems.

Bring your system into our office, ship it to us, or call to have it picked up and we can upgrade your software and hardware as needed. If you are not sure that you need an upgrade, give us a call or send us an email describing what you see when using your machine.

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+ Frequently Requested Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades
Increase in memory (RAM)
Increase in hard drive storage
Upgraded DVD drive
Additional processors or a faster processor
New graphics card
New sound card
Upgraded network card
Larger, flatter monitor
Faster, quieter printer
Optical scanner
More comfortable keyboards and mice

Software Upgrades
Windows and Mac operating systems
Antivirus, antispy, and security software
Office software upgrades and configuration
Backwards compatibility patches like those for MS Word
Application software such as Quickbooks, the Adobe Suite, etc.

Network and Storage Upgrades
Upgrades for wireless, gigabit, and Cat 5 based networks
Add, remove, and change existing network components
Server hardware and software upgrades and migrations
Redesign and upgrades of storage solutions
Have a network you need to set up? Or is it already running and you need ongoing support? Our team can install, configure, and maintain your network ensuring you realize maximum uptime. We’re experts in architecting networks, installation, running cables, technical support, and ongoing maintenance.

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+ Frequently Requested Solutions
Wireless network installation at home or the office
Cat-5 and Cat-6 Network cable installation
Network security and sharing for printers and files
Setup and maintenance of office networks
Setup of file servers and application servers
Setup of email and exchange servers
Setup of web servers and e-commerce sites
Network storage and backup with data restoration
Network wide security and virus protection
Secure, remote access to office networks
Design of server rooms including mounting of racks and equipment
It’s important where you store your data and equipment, but it also needs to be safe from tampering or corruption. We’ll evaluate your database needs, hardware needs, and all security and storage requirements. After we acquire adequate space, we can see if you need encryption, hashing, content monitoring, session tracking, password protection, surveillance, etc.

+ Frequently Requested Solutions
IP Security Camera System with web based monitoring
Design and installation of advanced storage solutions (NAS, SAN)
Advanced back up strategies to ensure protection of your valuable data
Configuration and support of remote connections (high speed remote control/VPN, Lan, and distributed)
The essentials needed to power your company can be complex and expensive. We have an extremely competent team experienced in establishing business networks, infrastructure, and web presence from scratch. We can work together on your technical needs and even bundle prices as appropriate. Once your corporate infrastructure is successfully running, we can provide ongoing support and regular maintenance for all of your technical needs. We are proud to have earned the trust of businesses of all sizes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over the last 15 years. Please feel free to give us a call or email us for a free consultation.
Similar to bringing your car in for an oil change, you need to regularly maintain your Mac or PC. Let our computer “mechanics” back up your data, clean out temp folders, load software, and update your drivers to lengthen the lifespan of your system.

We can accommodate maintenance for a home or office network. When finances are tight, it’s the prudent decision of many businesses to save cost by outsourcing their IT services, network setup, and ongoing maintenance. We offer a wide variety of options for contracting our managed IT services and can be anything from a part time consultant to your full time help desk administrator. Whether we set up your network or you had it done internally, we will learn the details of your infrastructure to provide fast and reliable support.

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+ Frequently Requested Solutions
Network maintenance including back ups and upgrades
Installation of file servers and corporate intranets
Help desk phone support for standard or emergency issues
On site technicians available to work directly with you
Complete administration of e-commerce web sites
Wweb presence is so important to a flourishing business, hobby, or organizational site. When it comes to designing your web site, it’s important to remember that users shop visually, they do not like cumbersome registration or checkout processes, the navigation should be very intuitive, the content needs to be relative and to the point, and user generated content is the fastest growing trend on today’s internet.

Actnet can provide consultation for your site that promises to deliver an eye appealing design, simple and easy to complete purchase and membership processes, simple and straightforward navigation, relevant content that is specific to your market and optimized for search engine hits, and the ability to create wiki based or forum based portals for your audience.

Not only do we aspire to stay on the cutting edge of design and to drive your users to take action, but we are well versed in the latest web and supporting technologies. With existing experience in Flash, PHP, MySQL, DHTML, Java, XML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and other web standards, we can also develop any internal or client facing application that will assist your business. Product development is a major part of our background, so let’s discuss your needs.

+ Frequently Requested Services
Custom Web Design
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Made-to-order programming
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