Actnet Advanced Technology

Founded in 1994, Actnet is a comprehensive computer services provider serving the greater Bay Area from its home in San Francisco’s historic Sunset District. Not only does our hard working team have over 20 years of experience providing computer services through Actnet, but we also possess years of previous experience with large and small companies which makes our team knowledgeable and efficient.

In the humble beginnings, Actnet started out by fixing computers and setting up networks for small and private businesses. After word got out and our reputation grew, it wasn’t long before Actnet was the first name in emergency computer repair and a trusted partner for all IT business solutions. Actnet now has a long, stable client list and even assists Best Buy in fixing the most complicated of issues.

We offer a wide and versatile range of services including network and system integration, data recovery, reselling, custom computers and servers, stocking name brand and OEM components, PC & networking peripherals, a diverse selection of accessories, and full network setup and support. Actnet is one of few providers that will work on site, in house, or in any capacity needed.

We strive for excellence and work diligently to provide service that is timely, friendly, reliable, and affordable. Helping people is simply our passion, and we love this industry because it has given us the opportunity to have fun serving our clients and allowed us to form great relationships. We are very proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoy delighting our customers. Whenever we see a compliment like this, we know why we are in business...

“I have been a loyal customer of Actnet for more than 10 years, and can say they provide the best service available. No hard selling, or pressure – I know I can go there with a problem and get options without worry. Phillip has made this establishment the ONLY place I would ever recommend. No matter what my problems have been, he and Actnet deliver 100%”